Welcome to Moss Prairie Gardens

The CSA is closed for the season

Welcome to Moss Prairie Gardens. A different kind of CSA.  Located at 59 Gilbert St. Rushville, N.Y. (Approx. 8 miles south of Canandaigua and 12 miles north of Penn Yan) Phone (585)794-9821.

What is a C.S.A?  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. How it usually works is that customers support a local grower by paying a fee at the beginning of a growing season to help the grower with start up costs of the season. In return the supporting consumer gets a weekly share of garden produce throughout the growing season. Drawbacks of this can be getting items that you don’t care for or being overloaded with one particular type of vegetable that is over abundant. Moss Prairie Gardens is like having a personal gardener. Items available will be on the website. You can shop and place an order by phone or online. Your box will be packed and ready for pick up. No more going to the stand and missing out on your favorite items that are sold out.

Advantages of being a Moss Prairie Gardens member include:

No upfront costs, just buy what you like and pay as you go.

Having a chance to know your grower one on one. This enables you to know how your food is grown and handled, as well as having an opportunity for your own personal input.

A personal tour of the gardens so you can be assured of quality and purity.

Customer appreciation events, as well as free samples of new varieties, and little garden gifts.

The opportunity to have your favorite varieties grown just for you.

Being able to glance online to see what is available, as well as price list. Then you can just click or call your order in..

Recipes to make the most of your produce.

The announcement section will include what’s going on at the farm, thoughts of the season, recommended reading,environmental tips and insights.

All produce is organically and sustainably grown, although not certified organic so as to pass the savings on to you.

Any questions feel free to call Anne Grover at (585)794-9821 or contact me through this website.

Note: Depending on location, delivery may be possible.