My name is Anne Grover. I live on 16 acres at the edge of Rushville NY. I was raised on a small farm and have participated in farming and gardening all my life. I helped to establish and manage the Wegmans Organic Farm for a time, but I missed the intimacy of my own garden, so I’m back on my own.

I would like to share this passion with you. I believe in these environmentally harsh times there is an answer, and that we can bring about positive change, one garden at a time. 

Come and see what the organic difference can make, while learning a life skill that can improve your physical and emotional health, as well as making you more self sufficient and reconnect you to nature.

Please check out the workshops. Series one starts February 19th through April 23rd. Also, check out the Moss Prairie Gardens blog. There will be information on gardening, the environment, recipes to make the most of your garden produce, and sometimes just the wisdom and wonder the garden bestows.  Hope you join me!